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A Night Out with OPSEU Local 596 - Win Tickets to the CIS National Basketball Championships - The Final 8

posted Feb 17, 2015, 5:41 AM by V.P. Outreach   [ updated Mar 24, 2015, 8:19 AM ]

Your OPSEU Local 596 wants to send YOU to the game!!!

Enter for a chance to win a VIP ticket!****

Includes court side seating and access to the VIP Lounge!

Thursday, March 12th*

6:00pm Quarter-final 3
Ryerson Rams VS
  • Enter to win one (1) ticket to the March 12th 6pm game!
  • 100 tickets to give away for OPSEU Local 596 Members!
  • Fan Fest Access, two Raptors will be onsite
  • Group Welcome on video board
  • Chance to win prizes!

Friday, March 13th**

  • 6:00-6:30pm Private Shoot Around on the court! (Bring your ticket stub to gain access. Meet at the top of the 3rd floor escalators. Look for Lynne in the bright red CIS hoodie!)

Saturday, March 14th***

  • Enter to win a 'front of the line' Wrist Band for DT Yonge Final 8 Fan Fest!

The Downtown Yonge Final 8 Fan Fest:
  • Fan Fest is free for fans to attend and runs Thursday, March 12 – Sunday, March 15 coinciding with the tournament.  
  • Fans can test their dribbling skills in the Action Zone, meet Legends in the Celebration Zone, spark their fire for basketball and walk away with a ton of new memories.

The Final 8 - Schedule

Thursday, March 12

11:00am Quarter-final 1
1:00pm Quarter-final 2
6:00pm Quarter-final 3
8:00pm Quarter-final 4

Friday, March 13

2:00 Consolation 1: Loser QF 1 vs. Loser QF 2
4:00 Consolation 2: Loser QF 3 vs. Loser QF 4

Saturday, March 14

1:30pm Consolation Final
6:00pm Semifinal 1: Winner QF 1 vs. Winner QF 2
8:00 Semifinal 2: Winner QF 3 vs. Winner QF 4

Sunday, March 15

11:30am Bronze: Loser SF 1 vs. Loser SF 2
3:00pm Championship: Winner SF 1 vs. Winner SF 2


This offer is exclusive to Local 596. Must be current OPSEU Local 596 Member.

*March 12th Tickets: 100 tickets are available to OPSEU Local 596 Members. Winners will receive one (1) ticket. 100 winners will be drawn at random. Must present in person to pick up ticket. (no picking up tickets for friends). Only sign up once.

**March 13th Private Fan Fest Access: Shoot around based on final game end time.

***March 14th Wrist Bands: 'Front of the line' wrist bands for DT Yonge Final 8 Fan Fest. Includes photo op with Raptors & Dance pack. Seven (7) winners will be drawn at random. Each winner will receive two (2) Wrist Bands. Must present in person to pick up Wrist Bands. (no picking up wrist bands for friends). Only sign up once.

****VIP Tickets: VIP tickets give you access to floor level seating. Access to the VIP Lounge (must be accompanied by a ticket). Team Packs include two (2) VIP Passes and tickets. A team consists of two (2) OPSEU Local 596 Members. Teams can only win once. Winners will be drawn at random.

Members can sign up for a Single Session ticket as well as enter for a chance to win a Wrist Band and/or a VIP ticket. If a Member wins a VIP pass/ticket for the 6:00pm game on Thursday March 12th as well as securing a Single Session ticket for this game they will either forfeit their Single Session ticket or the VIP pass/ticket.  Unclaimed tickets/passes/wristbands will pass onto other members.

Contest Closed!

Pick up times and location were emailed to members.

On top of the 100 Member tickets, Local 596 will be donating Single Session Tickets to a Charitable Organization for the March 12th, 6:00pm game.


Melanie Loiselle, V.P. Outreach