As of November 6, 2017, nominations for the Local 596 executive has been officially opened.    The election for the executive will be held on November 28th 2017 GMM meeting.

Keep an eye on this page for up to the date news with respect to who's running for what position and who's nominating them.   If you wish to nominate someone in the local for one of the executive positions please email and we'll post your nomination.  This page will assist the local membership in advance of our upcoming elections to know who's running for what position.  This allows the member to contact the nominee and ask questions with regards to the roll that they are nominated for.  Hopefully this will assist in your voting processing.

If you know a member that does not have internet access you can either print the following paper nomination form:

had have them deliver it to the OPSEU Local 596 office in POD 247a.   They will be able to print this form off in the office should the member just proceed to the office.

PresidentJames Mckay presently holds this position
  • James Mckay has been nominated by Kella Loschiavo
V.P. Steward Unit 1Kella Loschiavo presently holds this position
  • Kella Loschiavo has been nominated by James Mckay
TreasurerVira Kozlowsky presently holds this position
  • Aneesh Tiberias Murali has been nominated by Neha Narang Thakordas
  • Sarah Kovacs has been nominated by Dulce Banegas
Recording SecretaryStephanie Suckling presently holds this position
  • Tonisha McMeekin has been nominated by Jo Ann Mackie
V.P. Health and Safety,  Ankita Arora, presently holds this position
  • Melanie Loiselle has been nominated by Krista Abramovic
V.P. Outreach,  Melanie Loiselle presently holds this position
  • Chad Simon has been nominated by Deborah Mcghee
V.P. Equity,  Elizabeth Mobeen presently holds this position
  • Elizabeth Mobeen has been nominated by Bridgette Stanton
V.P. Technology and Communications,  Jason Naughton presently holds this position
  • Jason Naughton has been nominated by Daniel Giannitelli 

The Election process for Local 596
as per the OPSEU Constitution
  1. The Election for this position will be held on November 28th 2017 at noon in POD 247A. 
  2. Nominations collected prior to the November 28th 2017 meeting and floor nominations must be presented during this meeting. Each candidate candidate will have the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination.
  3. Candidates who have accepted the nomination will have a maximum of 3 minutes to address the membership.
  4. If only one candidate is standing for the position, that candidate will be acclaimed and there will be no election.
  5. If two or more candidates are running, the standard election process will be followed.  The standard election process is described from points 6 - below.
  6. A chief scrutineer will be appointed. This scrutineer is usually a steward.
  7. Candidates will then appoint their own scrutineers  to observe the vote-counting process.
  8. Voting must be done in person via the paper-ballot method as per the OPSEU Constitution.
  9. The doors of the meeting room are then sealed ('tiled' is the technical term) and the ballots will be distributed to the members.
  10. Once the ballots have been cast, the doors of the meeting room are opened.
  11. The ballots are then counted. This will happen in the Union office.
  12. A candidate needs 50% of the ballots, plus 1, to win: in other words a simple majority. If more than 2 candidates are running and one candidate doesn't get 50% plus one, then the lowest balloting candidate drops out and another round of voting is held.
  13. Steps 9 - 12 are repeated until the winning candidate is elected.
  14. A motion is made to destroy the ballots at which time the ballots are destroyed.