VOTE FOR VP UNIT 1

After leaving a little over a year ago as your VP-Unit 1 (formerly know as Chief Steward), I am ready to return and serve our wonderful membership.  While the decision to take a break was difficult, I knew in my heart it was exactly the thing I needed to do in order to get refreshed and re-balanced.  I recognized that the Local was in safe hands with James and that's when I felt that the time was right to think of myself first for once and listen to the advice I've given others over the years: in other words, 'take a break'.

Here is what I can bring back to Local 596:

  1. As your previous Chief Steward, I have over 20 years experience.

  2. I have negotiated 8 of our past Collective Agreements, including our latest.  Over the last 2 CA's, we've seen a 15% increase in salaries and increased job security for our members.

  3. I am on OPSEU's University Sector Committee and will be running to be the Chair of that Committee later this year.

  4. I was an OPSEU representative on the Ryerson Joint Job-Evaluation (JJE) Committee and have full understanding of the JJE/PDQ process.

  5. I have been an OPSEU Staff Representative and have extensive contacts at OPSEU Head Office.

  6. I have a great desire to do the best I can for the people I know and care for, that's all of you in Local 596.
Over the years, I have enhanced my skills through various workshops, seminars and my formal education.  I have earned certificates in both Human Resources Management and Business Management through the Chang School at Ryerson.  Other areas of study include, Human Rights, Pay Equity, Job Evaluation, Workmen's Compensation, Employment Standards, Health and Safety, Employment Law, Pensions, Grievance Handling, Contract Interpretation, Negotiation and Arbitration, etc.

I am very excited about returning to support you and our Local.  I want to use my skills and experience to continue making sure that 596 remains the envy of all the other OPSEU Locals.

I'm re-energized, re-charged and hope that you'll vote for me, Kella, on the 17th of March.