Call for Trustee

The local would like to take this moment to thank Cynthia Warn for her commitment and volunteerism as an OPSEU local trustee, having served from April 25th 2018 to the present. Her dedication to the role was an inspiration and you shall be missed.

With her departure from the role a vacancy has opened up for the remainder of her term (concluding April 25th 2020). The local trustee is a fundamental fiscal position within Local governance and vital for the completion of the TARs. If you are interested in participating as a trustee of this local then please fill out the following google form (details of the duties and responsibilities are located there-within):

Google Form

Reminder: A trustee cannot be a steward of the local or be part of the LEC. Additionally, the normal term of office is 2 years. In this case we are holding a by-Election to replace Cynthia Warn for the remainder of her 2-Year term (from Present to April 25th 2020)

Here is a list of your current trustees:

  1. Victoria Farmer (Elected April 25 2018)

By-Election details will follow from James McKay.