Local 596 Elections

(January 30, 2020, Correspondence from OPSEU HQ)

Greetings to all members of Ryerson and Palin Foundation Local 596,

Following the Local Executive Officers and Trustees elections that were held on Tuesday January 28th, 2020, and based on the results which are posted on the local website, this is to notify you that a run off/second ballot elections will be held on Thursday February 6 2020. The second ballot elections will again be officiated by OPSEU. You will be required to vote for the Local President (One Position) and the Local Trustee (One Position)

Local President

There are Two (2) candidates who will be listed on the February 6th 2020 ballot for one position of Local President. In alphabetical order, these candidates are:

    1. James Mckay (Bio) has been nominated by Jason Naughton
    2. Aman Rajwani (Bio) has been nominated by Jessica Machado

There was no clear majority (which is 50% plus one (1) of valid ballots cast) achieved by any candidate for the position of Local President on the January 28, 2020 election. This second ballot will determine the candidate with the required majority for this position. Please note that as per standard voting processes, the candidate with the lowest number of votes drops of the subsequent ballot and the vote is conducted with only the remaining candidates listed on the ballot.

Local Trustees

There are Three (3) candidates who will be listed on the February 6th 2020 ballot for one position of Trustee.

As you are aware, the Local is entitled to Two (2) Trustees. At the January 28th elections, one candidate (Melissa McCormack) was successfully elected with a clear majority. No other candidates achieved a clear majority. You will therefore be voting for one candidate, who will need to be elected by clear majority, as the second Trustee. In alphabetical order, these candidates are:

      1. Sheila Saikkonen has been nominated by Kella Loschiavo
      2. Chi-Fung Terence Kong has been nominated by Aneesh Tiberias Murali
      3. Nanda Kuppusamy (Bio) has been nominated by Aneesh Tiberias Murali ( Candidate has withdrawn)

Voting Process

Please note that the locations, venues, and opening hours of the three (3) Polling Stations on campus remain the same:

OPSEU Staff will be stationed at the Polling Stations and registration of voters and elections will be conducted from 8.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. It will be the same electronic voter registration process as it was January 28th. All voters are reminded to bring along an acceptable piece of identification (I.D.) as earlier communicated, please reference the Voting process.


The ballots will clearly list the names of the candidates running at these elections. The ballots will indicate how many names can be checked off. In this case, it will be one name per ballot. Ballots must be clearly marked such as with an X or check-mark in the box beside your choice of candidate.


Each candidate has the option to select and identify to OPSEU Staff one scrutineer of their choice for the purposes of observing the vote count. Scrutineers will be provided with information on their roles and responsibilities and will be required to sign a Scrutineer Agreement Form. Candidates are free to have an observer of their choice in attendance at any of the polling stations as long as there is no campaigning within the polling station or distraction of OPSEU Staff as they perform their duties.

We thank you for your continued engagement in this process. OPSEU staff will remain available to answer your questions as you vote. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact: