Stewards Confirmed

(OPSEU has requested the following to be posted January 13, 2020)

OPSEU HQ has requested the following to be posted on the website:

    • Local 596 Steward nominations are closed effective Friday January 10, 2020.
    • No elections of stewards will take place as the current steward list is thirty five (35). We require more than Fifty Four (54) stewards to hold elections.
    • Please note that the January 16, 2020 steward election date previously scheduled is cancelled.
    • Stewards who are currently serving in their role will continue to do so.
    • New stewards who have stepped up into this role will start to serve in their new role following completion of the Officer’s elections.
    • All stewards (both new and current) will be sworn in at the local GMM following completion of elections. The LEC/Officers will schedule the GMM date and inform the membership.
    • Swearing in of all stewards should take place at the GMM as per OPSEU Constitution article 29.9.2
    • Moving forward; elections of new officers of the local will be held as scheduled on January 28 2020 (including Feb 6 2020 if there is a run off).
    • Polling stations and relevant information will be communicated to all members prior to the voting date.
    • Nominations are now open for the position of Officers effective January 13, 2020
    • The close of nominations for Local Officers is Friday January 24, 2020
    • Please note that a member nominated for any Officer position will needs to accept or decline nomination
    • Officer positions for nomination are:
      • The local president,
      • Vice-President,
      • Secretary,
      • Treasury.
    • Trustees (2) shall be elected at a General Membership Meeting from among the members and WILL NOT hold any other office in the local. Specifically Trustees cannot be stewards.

Finally: If there is any other information that is relevant and not included above please let us know.


      1. Shira Gellman
      2. Scott Martin
      3. Sarah Bukhari
      4. Petronela Serb
      5. Dejan Ninkovic
      6. Aneesh Murali
      7. James McKay
      8. Deborah Silva De Jesus
      9. Sarah Kovacs
      10. Kella Loschiavo
      11. Elizabeth Mobeen
      12. Maricruz Rodrigues Rendon
      13. Kraigen Brown
      14. Chad Simon
      15. Melanie Loiselle
      16. Jessica Machado
      17. Alicia VanDe Weghe
      18. Erin Rielly Clarke
      19. Tamar Becker
      20. Aman Rajwani
      21. Maria Dorsey
      22. Jason Naughton
      23. Milton Cole
      24. Karen Musytschka
      25. Jasmine Visto
      26. Debra McKay
      27. Megan Herrington
      28. Vira Kozlowsky
      29. Lindsay Kane
      30. Blessings Asagawara
      31. Cheryl Manning
      32. Gloria Fernandes
      33. Neha Thakordas
      34. Alan Machin
      35. Maria Burgos
      36. Grace He