Voting Process

(Posted Jan 30, 2020)
    1. Polling Stations will open on February 6th 2020 at 8.00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m. Details on the Polling stations are posted at the local website. You can access this information at the link .
    2. Voter registrations will be conducted by OPSEU Staff.
    3. When you arrive at the Polling Station, you will be required to show identification in order to cast your ballots. Acceptable identification includes one of the following:
        • OPSEU membership card
        • Employment card
        • A current copy of your pay stub
        • Other photo ID
    4. Local 596 "Non-members" will be allowed to vote however, they will need to complete the OPSEU membership application form prior to being registered to vote.
    5. Ballots will clearly indicate the name of each candidate and the respective position they are contesting for. A check box will be printed next to each candidate’s name.
    6. You will be required to simply check off with a tick or X inside the check box next to name of the candidate of your choice.
    7. No campaign materials such as candidates bios or any such related materials are allowed at the Polling Stations; either on walls, desks, or any other surface or place. Any such materials will be removed and discarded.
    8. No campaigning in person or otherwise will be allowed within the Polling Stations.


Note: These instructions will also be posted on all 3 Polling stations. OPSEU Staff will also be at hand to clarify to voters as they cast their ballots.

    1. Local President: There are 2 (Two) candidates for Local President. You may vote for 1 (one) candidate only
    2. Trustees: There are 3 (Three) candidates for local Trustees Position. You may vote for 1 (one) candidate only


    • There will be 2 (Two) different colors of ballots to represent five positions being elected.
    • The names and position for election will be clearly marked on the ballot.


  • A ballot is invalid if it is marked on it more names than the positions to be filled.
  • The ballot is invalid it has no votes marked on it.
  • The ballot is invalid if it has distinguishing or distinctive mark which in the opinion of the Chair is or could be intended to identify the voter.


Scrutineers will be provided with specific information on their roles and responsibilities . In general the main responsibilities of scrutineers are as follows:-

  • You can scrutineer for more than one candidate as designated by the candidate(s).
  • There may be more than one (1) vote count going at the same time. We recommend to each candidate to designate one scrutineer.
  • A candidate cannot be a scrutineer
  • Staff cannot serve as scrutineers.
  • Scrutineers have the right to see each ballot as it is counted, but not to handle it.
  • Scrutineers have the right to raise objections to any ballot.
  • Scrutineers have the right to keep a record of the count, but should be cautioned not to reveal their knowledge or show the count until the result of the particular vote has been announced by the chair.


  • All ballot boxes will be sealed with tape and labelled with each position that is being elected.
  • Ballots will be at the safe custody of staff at all times.
  • Each Polling Station has Team Leads. Team leads will be identified by their badges.
  • All OPSEU Staff will have badges with their names for ease of identification.
  • Staff will not be able to answer any questions other than those related to election process
  • Should you have any concerns or inquiries on the date of election, contact OPSEU Staff:
    1. Hilda Namu, Staff Representative,
    2. Mandy Dumais, Region 5 Supervisor