Please note that as this is an dynamic page that will be updated from week to week to reflect the present status of the list of stewards that represent the OPSEU Local 596.   If you not a steward and you wish to be a steward also contact or present yourself to any of the Local’s executive and they will ensure that we induct you into the group.  The list is presently sorted only by last name.

Note: Outside callers must dial (416) 979-5000, key in '1' then the extension if dialing from a touch-tone phone, or wait for operator assistance. Only numbers beginning with '5' may be reached directly from outside by dialing '979' and then the extension number.  The main OPSEU office extension is x5351.

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Arora Ankita 3309 TRS-2139 
Boothe Daniel 6437 KHE-116 
Brown Kraigen 6653 LIB-282 
Burgos Maria 6338 KHS-354-C 
Cole Milton 7306 Pitmal Hall / ILLC 
Dorsey Maria 4069 TRS-1-020 
Durand Jacquie 2527 
Edmonds Sarah 6007 POD-362 
Herrington Megan 4284 POD-247-A 
Kovacs Sarah 2664 KHE226B 
Kozlowsky Vira 7879 LIB-B-99 
Lau Susanna 7298 POD-59 susanna.lau@ryerson.a 
Lee-Smith Amanda 4255 JOR-02  
Loiselle Melanie 4545 POD-477 
Loschaivo Kella 5351 POD-64 
Machin Alan 6430 KHE-25-B 
Manning Cheryl 6950 SBB-105 
Martin Scott 6790 THR-205-D 
Mckay Deborah 7410 ENG-287 
Mckay James 4111 POD-247-A 
Mobeen Elizabeth 6036 POD-70 
Musytschka Karen 6541 YNG-602 
Naughton Jason 7168 ENG-439 
Reis Luisa 7306 Pitman Hall / ILLC 
Salvadori Lesley 6407 RCC-207B 
Simon Chad 7530 CED-212-A 
Sivapathasundaram Gowry    
Sutherland Carol 6035 POD-70 
Taylor Philip 7107 IMA-B-17 
Wolski Brian 7615 YDI-920 
Showing 30 items