The following Executive have been elected as of November 2017

James Mckay


Phone Extension: 4111

Office: POD-247A

Kella Loschiavo

VP Steward Unit 1

Phone Extension: 5351

Office: POD-247-A

Aneesh Tiberias Murali


Phone Extension: 557006

Office: RCC-136

Tonisha McMeekin

Recording Secretary

Phone Extension: 2756

Office: RCC-357-C

Melanie Loiselle

VP Health and Safety

Phone Extension: 4545

Office: POD-477

Chad Simon

VP Outreach

Phone Extension: 7530

Office: CED-212-A

Elizabeth Mobeen

VP Equity

Phone Extension: 6036

Office: POD-64

Jason Naughton

VP Technology and Communications

Phone Extension: 7168

Office: ENG-439


The following trustees have been elected as of April 25, 2018

Cynthia Warn

Phone Extension: 7224

Office: ENG-377


Phone Extension:


Note: Outside callers must dial (416) 979-5000, key in '1' then the extension if dialing from a touch-tone phone, or wait for operator assistance. Only numbers beginning with '5' may be reached directly from outside by dialing '979' and then the extension number. The main OPSEU office extension is x5351.