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Enhanced Province Wide Shutdown

(Posted Jan 12, 2021)

As of January 12 2021, the Province of Ontario has implemented further shutdown measures [1]. These measures will take effect as of January 14, 2021. The province wide shutdown measures will remain in effect until February 11, 2021.

Enforcement personnel will have the authority to issue tickets to individuals, employees and corporations in retail settings and businesses if found not complying with an order (e.g. staff member or customer not wearing a face covering.)

( Read all about the measures here. )

Emergency LEC Meetings

(Posted Dec 21, 2020)

There were two emergency LEC meeting invites sent out today. The OPSEU Staff representative, Pauline Cheslock, was in attendance at both meetings. The LEC representatives were given only 3 hours to respond to each invite.

At the noon meeting, our staff representative pointed out that the meeting's agenda was out of order and needed to be taken to the membership via GMM. This meeting did not pass the approval of the agenda.

At the 3pm meeting, the LEC representatives were asked to pass minutes of the 9am meeting. Not all representatives at this meeting attended the 9am meeting. The meeting abruptly ended when the motion to pass the prior meeting minutes did not get passed.

Please note there was no motion regarding any sort of funding in either meeting regardless to what has been circulated otherwise. Please reach out to your LEC Unit stewards for more in depth understanding of what transpired. -- Jason Naughton

OPSEU HQ Message for all

(Posted Dec 18, 2020)

Treasurer Report In!

(Posted Aug 25, 2020)

A Treasurer's update is out. Hat's off to our new treasurer Grace He as she found an outstanding $120,842 in funds owing to the Local from OPSEU dating back from 2017. On only her first term as treasurer too!!! NICE CATCH! -- Jason Naughton, (read more...)

Ontario Declares Post Secondary Open

(Posted June 11, 2020)

Starting in July 2020, limited in-person education and training may restart for students who were not able to graduate due to COVID-19 closures. This first phase will allow institutions to reopen to provide in-person instruction to students in essential, frontline, and high labour market demand areas, such as nursing, personal support workers, engineering, and other critical professions. Thousands of students across the province could benefit from this summer's reopening.

In September, all students will have the opportunity to attend postsecondary education through virtual learning, in-class instruction, or hybrid formats. (read more...)

Black Lives Mater

(posted June 5, 2020)

These three words best describe a global community's feelings of hurt, heartbreak, and frustration in response to the recent police-involved and unnecessary deaths of black people in Canada and in the United States. (read more...)

(posted June 5, 2020)

The protests in Canada, the United States, and Europe demonstrate a strong commitment from people of all races and backgrounds to speak out against systemic racism. The words “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter” appeal to humanity as a painful reminder that all is not as equal as it should be. We can, and must, do more to create equality among all. #BlackoutTuesday