Final Feb 6th Election Results

(posted Feb 6, 2020)

The results of the Local President and Local Trustee Positions are as follows:

Local President

    • James McKay: 230
    • Aman Rajwani: 242 ELECTED

Local Trustees

    • Sheila Saikkonen: 232 ELECTED
    • Chi-Fung (Terence) Kong: 222

Congratulations to all candidates and thank you to all members of the local 596.

Election Results Are Out!

(Posted Jan 28, 2020)

Well our election results are out and the following positions have been filled. Please welcome:

      • Kella Loschiavo as our returning Vice President
      • Sarah Kovacs as our new Secretary
      • Grace He as our new Treasurer
      • Melissa McCormack as Trustee #1

There was no clear majority for the President's position so there will be a run off February 6, 2020 were there will be only two candidates:

      • James McKay
      • Aman Rajwani

(update Jan 29th 2020) There needs to be also a run off for the second Trustee position. So everyone will be going back to the ballots to select one of the following members for the second trustee:

      • Sheila Saikkonen
      • Chi-Fung Terence Kong
      • Nanda Kuppusamy (Candidate has withdrawn)

Thanks to everyone that came out and voted! The count of the results have been posted on our Elections Tab.

Voting Process Defined!!

(Posted Jan 25, 2020)

OPSEU has forwarded the latest information with regards to the voting process and the scrutineers. Again there seems to be a bit of noise out there with regards to emails. Please reference the following only:


Election Polling Locations Confirmed

(Posted January 23, 2020)

The locations of the polling stations for the upcoming election is:

Stewards Confirmed

(Posted January 13, 2020)

The Steward list has been confirmed OPSEU HQ had provided the list and update read about it:

Stewards Confirmed

The membership should now look to nominate the Officers of the local. Please reference the nomination forms page for nominating the next officers of the local.

Elections Update!

(Posted Dec 10, 2019)

The membership should be receiving an official correspondence from OPSEU HQ. Please reference:

Please note all stewards are required to re-submit their nominations by January 10th 2020. Please download the nomination form and forward the completed form to