Election Update!

(Nov 7, 2019)

There has been quite a bit of chatter back and forth from OPSEU HQ and our elections on

November 25 2019

Kerr Hall West, Lower Gym

12:00pm to 1:00pm

OPSEU HQ will be personally attending our Elections and the number of positions that will be elected on November 25th has been reduced. You can read about it here:

Election Update!

There apparently a number of members have been complaining about some unsanctioned OPSEU Local 596 emails that have been going around. If you feel they are troublesome, please email Brian Lesser, Director of CCS. All proper OPSEU Local 596 communications should be sent from the Local596 list-serve.

2019 LEC Elections Around the Corner

(Oct 18, 2019)

November 25 2019

Kerr Hall West, Lower Gym

12:00pm to 1:00pm

Every two years the local executive by must be re-elected. The nomination form is available on-line:

Nomination Form

The on-going nominations leading up to the election day will be collected and put up on the website. You can review them here:

Present Nomination Status

Unfortunately we cannot do the voting process on-line. So the above nominations will be presented at the GMM meeting when the elections take place. The election process is described here:

Election Process

Treasurer Survey

(Posted Oct 16, 2019 by local Treasurer)

The local treasurer is seeking feedback from the local in key areas of interest. Please provide feedback to the treasurer by filling out the the following form:

Survey Form

Union Dues Explained

Oct 16, 2019(posted by Aneesh Tiberias Murali local Treasurer)

Video from OPSEU HQ Education explains how Union dues is used:

Educational HQ Video

Call Local Trustee

Sept 17, 2019

Thanks goes out to Cynthia Warn for her commitment and volunteerism as an OPSEU local trustee, having served from April 25th 2018 to the present. Her dedication to the role was an inspiration and you shall be missed.

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