Call for Stewards

(Posted Jan 24, 2022)

Dear Members,

As of today, January 24th 2022, *Call for nominations for Local Steward positions is open. The call for nomination period will close on February 1st, 2022 at 4pm. The process for nominations is as follows:

  • You must be a signed member of local 596 to both nominate a member for Steward and to accept a nomination for Steward. Visit OPSEU membership portal to become a signed member if you haven't done so; here is the HOWTO that explains the process.

  • Please send an email to local 596 Staff Representative Pauline Cheslock, at with the name of the member you wish to nominate for Steward. Please also include the nominee’s email address (as well as cc a copy of the email to the nominee), and Pauline will contact the nominee for acceptance.

  • The deadline for nomination of stewards submissions to Pauline is Feb 1st at 4PM.

  • Once a nomination has been received an email from Pauline will be sent to the nominee to get a confirmation within 24 hours. If a confirmation email is not received please check your spam and contact Pauline Cheslock at

*To run for President, Vice President, Treasurer or Recording Secretary, in the local, a member must be an acclaimed steward. We are calling for nominations prior to the General Election to ensure stewards are eligible for nomination to an executive role.

Information on Steward Roles and Duties as defined by OPSEU constitution:

Article 8 Stewards’ Responsibilities and Rights

8.1 Each Union Steward shall be responsible for representation of members in a working area, including the responsibility:

  1. to distribute information to the group;

  2. to carry the group’s issues to the LEC/unit committee;

  3. to communicate LEC/unit committee decisions to the group;

  4. to enlist support of members of the group in workplace actions and union campaigns; and

  5. to prepare and investigate grievances from the group.

8.2 To carry out these responsibilities, Stewards shall have:

  • the right of access to LEC/unit committee meetings;

  • the right to be informed of the status and disposition of grievances from the group; and

  • the right to high quality education and training necessary to effectively exercise all their responsibilities.

Further details regarding GMM and general elections to follow.

In Solidarity,

Kella Loschiavo - Acting President, OPSEU local 596

Chair Universities Sector 9 OPSEU